Smart Rural network society Update

Smart Rural Network Society is a pilot that has been actively disseminated:

files/KRIMP20141.pdf (See the presentation of Marcella Jansen and Trees Flapper of Burum. )


Marcella and Trees als presented the project in another Frysian region:30 January 2014 
Meeting Presentation Village Portal At the invitation of Mrs. S. Atsma library “Fean and Mar”. the village portal Burum  was presented  ( ), explained and demonstrated .The Care organization  Nij Ylostins IJlst is restored in the library branch in IJlst will be closed. This was the reason for some parties to explore possible solutions and new connections  At the presentation were also present Zorggroep Tellens ( 4 persons ) , Housing Elkien ( 2 persons ), Library Fean and Mar ( 2 persons ) and a native of IJlst . The attendees were very interested in the process of the village portal, management and maintenance and use, especially for the outstanding web application Book Exchange, but also for the web application . These are useful tools for the care to facilitate, encourage and support . Care support and mutual aid The concept of open source and new relationships between organizations, government and citizens was a promising concept for everyone.. The parties will discuss the concept in their own organizations and in the further process of cooperation and renovation.