Where to find Langenhagen: Lower Saxony - a federal state in Northern Germany


Different from all other German Federal States it has a large variety of different landscapes, from the maritime flair of the North Sea islands to the ski slopes of the Harz mountains. Lower Saxony offers two sides in many aspects: bustling metropolitan life in cities such as Hannover, Brunswick and Osnabrück, yet also peace, silence and relaxation in secluded countryside. And the cultural heritage is just as varied as the landscapes. At many sites and in numerous museums it is to be discovered that this state, despite having been in existence as a political entity for only around 60 years, has a history stretching back almost two millennia.


Lower Saxony is a modern and high-achieving location for industry and science. Due to its outstanding position concerning traffic connections (Paris-Moscow / Hamburg-Rome) the Hanover Region lives from all kind of mobility. This is the logical connection of the Lower Saxonian history. Since the Iron Age travelers in both directions use the area around Hanover to shift horses and to let them being  fogged up.


Logically Lower Saxony – with a horse in its coat of arms - traditionally is “The Land of Horses”, with worldwide famous sportshorses of the breed of Hanoverian and Oldenburg. Basing on this Lower Saxony is the international market leader concerning the breeding of sports horses. So again it has two sides: The aspect of highly specialized industry like Volkswagen and the federal office for aviation is opposed to riding sport from beginners to Olympic level.